Marriage – unison of two souls and bodies! Does sound romantic, however it takes a lot of effort and understanding to make this institution work. We will try and break up the issues that couples come across in their marital Life. However, we may not be able to list them all. Just like every individual is different from another, the experience and understanding of marriage also differs from almost every couple to couple.

When marriage is supposed to be a private issue between two individuals, why do we need to seek help? The answer lies in the fact that when two individuals come together, they carry their past, experiences, families, belief system and so much more to the table. Things are not as simple as they used be. So any and every help that can be taken to save a marriage is worth it.

In here you will find different issues that couples face from time to time and the measures need to be taken to make their marriage work. You will also find option to seek professional guidance. Use the contact form to get in touch with your Counselor and work out your next means of communication – Skype, Phone, Chat (if you prefer to be anonymous), etc.

You can also schedule your appointment and check the availability of your Counselor here.

Marriage Issues and their solutions: Marriage Coaching

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